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Pet Luxury Cover

Pet Luxury Cover is the highest level of protection for your beloved pet. Never compromise on care with coverage of up to 80% of eligible vet bills and a generous claim limit of $15,000 a year.*

We also have a great value add-on available for coverage of all those routine expenses, like vaccinations, desexing and obedience training.

What’s covered:

  • Up to 80% of eligible vet bills that will step down to 65% on the first renewal after your pet’s 8th birthday

  • Excess options of $100, $50 or $0.

  • A wide range of accidental injuries and illnesses, including but not limited to burns, snake bites and poisoning.^
  • Claim limit of up to $15,000 a year to help with prolonged or expensive treatment^

  • A wide range of additional benefits, including overseas cover when you’re travelling with your pet, tick paralysis treatment, essential euthanasia and much more.*

  • Lifetime cover when you insure your pet from 8 weeks up to 9 years of age and continue to renew your policy.
    Subject to the terms and conditions.
  • Freedom to take your pet to any vet licensed to practice in Australia.

  • Add optional Routine Care and we’ll help you pay for everyday essentials like health checks, obedience training and teeth cleaning.

Exclusions and conditions apply – for full details, download the Kogan Pet Luxury Cover Product Disclosure Statement.

*Terms, conditions, waiting periods and some exclusions apply.
^ Excludes pre-existing conditions – see the Product Disclosure Statement for details.

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Product Disclosure Statements

What’s Included


Pet Luxury Cover

Entry Age Limit Apply from 8 weeks old
to 9 years
Excess $0, $50, $100
Benefit %
Pets Under 8 80%
Pets 8+ 65%
Annual Benefit Limit $15,000
Covers Illness  
Overseas Travel   View Product Disclosure Statement for more details
Coverage Tick paralysis
Cruciate ligament conditions
Motor vehicle incidents
Heat stroke
Allergic reaction to insect bite
Bone fractures
Snake bites
Embedded grass seed
Fight wound or other laceration
Soft tissue injury
Ingestion of foreign object
Bladder stones
Corneal ulcer
Immune Mediated Blood Disease
Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome
Elbow dysplasia
Hip dysplasia
Patella Luxation
Spinal disc rupture
Gastrointestinal problems
Heart disease
Renal disease
View Product Disclosure Statement for further details
Consultation Fees Limit (annual)
(in relation to conditions covered by your policy)
Cruciate Ligament Limit (annual) $2,600*

*You may be eligible for a higher limit and if so this will be specified on your certificate of insurance

Tick Paralysis Limit (annual) $2,000
Emergency Boarding $1,000
Waiting Periods 6 Months for cruciate ligament conditions

30 days for some conditions (refer to Section 2 of the Product Disclosure Statement)

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Optional Extras

If you want to feel like the cat that’s got the cream, just add a little extra and help cover your pet’s routine expenses.

$80 Benefit that can be claimed across any of the following
Desexing, Microchipping, Heartworm control, Teeth cleaning, Prescription diets, Cremation or burial, Dental illness treatment, Council registration fees, Obedience training, Behavioural therapy, Alternative therapies.

Plus: $40 Benefit for any one of the following:
Vaccination or health check, Flea/tick/worm control, Heartworm control.

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We hope your pet never has an emergency, but if the worst should happen, we’ll make sure you can get them the care they deserve without the stress and worry of mounting vet bills.

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